Guiding principles

The DRO and design review process is a key ordinance in Del Mar – it effectively shapes the future of Del Mar.

Changes to the DRO and design review process will have lasting implications and must be considered in an objective, factually supported manner that is in the best interests of the community as a whole.

The Ad-Hoc Committee must be comprised of members with a balance of viewpoints that fairly represent the entire community. 

The DRO and design review process must:

•   Allow residents the right to improve their property in a respectful manner within the DRO standards. 

•   Protect property rights and property values by continuing to allow basement and reasonable outdoor room configurations sought after by today’s homeowners. 

•   The DRO and DRB members should be consistent, objective, fair and balanced to create a process that produces more predictable results and minimizes animosity between neighbors. A friendlier neighborhood environment should be a goal.

•   Become a more family-oriented community, to encourage families to make Del Mar their home.