• Woodpecker Spotlight 8/2019
    AFFORDABLE HOUSING IN DEL MAR - Is the Shores Property at Risk?

  • A new section, “Affordable Housing” in Del Mar under “Resources”
    Del Mar Community Plan Housing Element Goals, a detailed timeline of city efforts, and other related document files can be found.

  • Woodpecker Issue No. 6 - April 2019
    83% say “YES” Del Mar Should Adopt a No Significant Other Policy
    Notice of Public Hearing Regarding Proposed Water, Wastewater, and Clean Water Rates (increase)

  • Woodpecker Issue No. 5 - March 2019
    New Cost Estimates – We All Want It But How Do We Pay For It?

  • Woodpecker Spotlight 1/2019
    The city council should have a “do-over”’

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About Moving Del Mar Forward

Moving Del Mar Forward (“MDF”) is a growing group of Del Mar residents who have come together to work towards positive changes in our community.  MDF is committed to bringing these residents together so that all voices can be heard for positive changes that will benefit the entire Del Mar community.

When MDF was formed in 2015, it was focused on the activities of the Ad-Hoc Development Review Process Citizen’s Advisory Committee (the “Ad-Hoc Committee”) that was formed in 2015. A majority of the members of Ad-Hoc Committee publicly stated the need for greater restrictions to Del Mar’s already highly restricted zoning ordinances – most notably including basements and outdoor living areas in the floor area ratio calculation for new homes.    Such a position would effectively eliminate basements and outdoor living areas and MDF.

MDF believes the majority of residents in Del Mar are frustrated with ever increasing restrictions and requirements that take away property rights and work against people that want to improve their property. The majority of residents have no issues with basements or outdoor living areas yet the Ad Hoc Committee continues to press for changes that will effectively eliminate these elements. In addition, MDF has received feedback from residents who want to see the City move forward with various initiatives that will have a positive impact on our community – most notably improving our Downtown commercial area which has declined over the past several years.

So MDF has broadened its purpose to include other initiatives that will result in positive changes in Del Mar - most notably working towards creating a vibrant Downtown commercial area. We will continue to seek resident input on these issues so that we can truly help bring positive changes that the entire community wants.


To support positive change in the best interest of the entire Del Mar community.

Guiding principles

  • MDF will seek input from as much of the Del Mar community as feasible on a given matter

  • MDF actions will be guided by residents input – we will do our best to be the voice of residents in promoting matters that residents want and opposing matters residents don’t want.


  • PROMOTE implementation of Del Mar’s Community Plan in a manner that is in the best interest of the entire community.

  • INFORM Del Mar residents of proposals or initiatives the City is considering that may have an important long term impact on the future of Del Mar.

  • ADVOCATE positive changes in our City that the majority of residents want to see.

  • EVALUATE actions by our City that lack resident support.

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